About Us

Illumascape designs and develops complete innovative landscape illumination programs for residential, commercial and community properties.

Continuing a family tradition in electrical contracting and after 35 years of his own experience in the business, President Paul Gross established Illumascape, Inc. in 1990 to specialize exclusively in exterior illumination designs.

Illumascape offers complete landscape illumination programs designed and developed for residential and commercial properties. Illumascape creates dramatic after-dark presentations using only the highest quality fixtures and in-house skilled installers. The completed project provides security, atmosphere and investment appreciation.

Our Goal

The goal of landscape lighting is to display and highlight the architectural features of your home and the artistic beauty of your landscape areas by illuminating your property and creating interesting shadows and silhouettes using low voltage lighting.

We are accustom to the darkness of the night and we commonly use lighting for two reasons; for safety and passage. What Landscape and Architectural Lighting does is the ability to bring day into the night. It gives us the ability to see, feel, and appreciate, that which is so often lost to us during the night hours. We look forward to working with you.

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