Illumascape's proven process begins with the design. Complete landscape illumination designs, plans, specifications, wiring diagrams, control diagrams, CAD drawings, budgeting and coordination with inside electrical contractors for computer-controlled systems all go into making your home or business unique. Extensive thought and preparation go into the design of the system:

Select the subject/subjects to be illuminated.catnightsm

  • Choose the color of light.
  • Determine the intensity, color and brightness of the light.
  • Select the voltage to be utilized/available.
  • Specify the type of fixture shape.
  • Create an installation diagram including: tree survey, material layout, hardscape features and sketch.
  • Calculate the electrical load design.
  • Determine type of power source, location and draw a 1-line diagram.
  • Specify control, photo cell, timer, remote switching, computer.
  • Obtain a permit from the city and check applicable codes.

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Environmentally friendly to landscaping and trees, Illumascape s next step is installation. Expert lighting professionals will install the appropriate fixtures, controls and electrical services. This is where Illumascape s expert design comes to life.

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Illumascape offers complete maintenance and continuing service to all systems. Their complete service department offers maintenance contracts on any system with visits on a monthly, quarterly or a semi-annual basis.

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Hand trenching or air spade (an exclusive tool used by Illumascape in southeast Texas for landscape illumination).

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